LeBLANC provides a large number of Telecommunications network Infrastructure solutions: Consultation, Tools and Services in three major areas of expertise focusing on Civil Engineering, Telecom Towers, Engineering and Telecom Network Professional Services.

At LeBLANC, we believe that the secret of our success lies in the synergy resulting in our uniting the core company skills of the main three divisions namely In-House Civil & Construction Engineering, Tower Manufacturing and Telecom Implementation Services into delivering world-class, turnkey solutions.
Our Project Management Programs are supported by a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering our stakeholders with customary finesse in the execution of projects of world-class standard and quality achieved through our policy of one Point of Account approach for all stages of our project management controlled by a dedicated Project Manager. Our maintenance of world-class standard and quality in our services is available on demand to all our valued customers anywhere in the world.


LeBLANC offers a full range of Network Optimization and Management with operational support and installation services dedicated to delivering effective, expert telecommunication implementation at any stage of a Telecom Project. Certified by leading, global vendors for installation and commissioning, LeBLANC professional engineering team install a complete range of network elements including core platforms, antennas, transmission lines and more.

With a corporate philosophy that places high emphasis on quality control, LeBLANC offers the following services and solutions:

– Telecom Equipment Commissioning
– Fast, Flexible Installation
– Complete Base Station Installation
– Switch Room & New Equipment Installation
– System Testing & Integration
– Commissioning & Network Integration


LeBLANC Engineering Department provides a host of design services for diverse structures and telecom towers.

As LeBLANC wears the dual hats of telecommunication contractors and telecommunication consultants, they are able to deliver a fresh perspective to tower construction as well as to the telecom structural and civil engineering needs of their customers. LeBLANC’s professional team of telecom civil engineering experts have extensive experience in providing a variety of telecom civil engineering services such as Architectural Site Layout, Structural Steel Design and Detailing and Concrete Foundations.

LeBLANC also has experience in Civil Works and Engineering in the spheres of drainage, access roads, grounding, underground conduits and security. Designs are planned and executed by an experienced group of certified engineers according to EIA and local standards as well as customer’s requirements.