Encouraging and maintaining good work ethics and good governance at work and in duties have always been a priority for LeBLANC. With that in mind, LeBLANC has initiated an Integrity Policy that is to be carried out and practiced by all LeBLANC employees. Ensuring that it is properly carried out, an integrity guideline is implemented.


> To comply with EHS legislation and requirement
> To adhere to client and product quality requirements and legislation
> To achieve client’s maximum satisfaction with the highest product and service quality
> To ensure employee’s EHS are taken care of at all times
> To educate, inform, instruct and train employee on EHS awareness
> To evaluate and monitor continual improvement through training, assessment and audit
> To apply and practice safe working environment culture
> To apply constant review of EHS policy
> To practice effective two-way communication between employee and management
> To eliminate unsafe act and condition through employees’ support
> To ensure proactive control of EHS policy in SOP
> To meet skillful standards through training of employees

Committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment for its employees and its surrounding community, LeBLANC had always looked into this matter to ensure that the environment are protected and preserved for the future generations. Not only that, LeBLANC has also committed to providing an organised working environment for its employees, subcontractors and those associated with them while maintaining the highest standards of safety and health related matters.

Understanding the importance of that, LeBLANC strive to ensure that the safety, hygiene and environmental management become their value-added contributions to their customers and community.

With that in mind, LeBLANC is determined to continually improve the environment surrounding their operational environment while striving to do their level best in contributing to reduce resource consumption, waste and other environmental polluting factors, thus mitigating safety and other risks that are inherent to environmental pollution.

To ensure that the company uphold its commitment, LeBLANC’s employees are required to practice and carry out the policies, where they are required to do their very best in carrying out the standard operating procedures and legal requirements to achieve the defined and measurable goals and objectives in reducing polluting agent including the risks and costs that affects the community.