Being a highly experienced system integrator, LeBLANC offers dedicated end-to-end wireless network infrastructure solutions for system design to support and maintenance. Our cost effective telecommunication towers are of exceptional quality and structure, and are fit for convenient shipping and installation on site.

With the uniquely designed towers, our engineered towers have the advantage to be installed in a minimal land area which result in a quick, simple and cost-efficient installation. Along with our experienced and dedicated engineering team to ensure the highest installation quality standards to our customers. By practicing maximum effective techniques, we are able to ensure all projects are cost effective with minimum maintenance requirements.

As a leading global player, LeBLANC delivers reliable support services that surpasses the highest standards of performance, reliability and excellence as determined by the industry.


Being certified as a Vendor Neutral Supplier by our vendors, LeBLANC provide the finest, most flexible and economical solutions that meets all clients’ needs and requirements. Especially when it comes to providing modular solutions.

With all the possible answers within our reach, LeBLANC’s ability to meet a full turnkey solutions to point solutions at any stage of the network development are astounding especially when it touches on any part of the development or process that include;

· manufacturing and provision of network planning and designing of telecommunication towers
· cellular site designs
· cellular site construction and civil works
· telecommunication equipment installation and commissioning
· network optimization and maintenance.


Here in LeBLANC, we understand the importance of understanding of local requirements and ways. That is why when we commence new projects in a new country, we always engage and establish a local subsidiary in order to enhance our very own performance and services locally.

By providing a home court advantage in each and every country that we operate, we are able to adopt what we would call “think global, perform local” practices. This philosophy helps and ensures the empowerment of deeper understanding towards each and every one of our customers’ needs.


As a global telecommunication brand in the industry of manufacturing and fabrication, LeBLANC offers cutting-edge factory and manufacturing facilities. With our state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line machineries, we are able and capable to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers with an impressive and rapid time-to-market delivery.

On top of that, our customers get to enjoy the first hand benefit and advantage of a global network of warehouses and highly acclaimed logistic supply chain that guarantees on-time project delivery and customer satisfaction.


Finding a perfect fit in the industry is not an easy task. That is why LeBLANC is the trusted brand when it comes to any telecommunication infrastructure matters. With our creative thinking, flexible solutions and over half a century of experience in dealing with industrial challenges, we are more than perfectly qualified to solve any issue that may arise. Along with our extensive in-house skills that include multidisciplinary engineering and customised software solution development, we are definitely the partner you look for in the industry.

Other than providing services and solutions, LeBLANC also offers a partnership style vision that makes us more of a business associate, rather than just a system provider. We practice team-work and dedication to ensure a far more assured outcome that builds up an optimised solution to our customers.